How much does the tatami height need?

The tatami bed is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is convenient and practical. Therefore, in modern home decoration, more and more owners like to put the bedroom in a tatami style. So how much is the height of the tatami ? Go Xiaobian first introduces the design and matching skills of the tatami bed.


How to match a tatami bed:

On the main materials of the tatami bed, the modern minimalist style is more suitable for the color of nature. Therefore, the tatami material can be made of natural materials such as light-colored wood, bamboo branches, and grass mats to blend the breath of nature into life. In terms of color, beige, white and light wood are common colors, and Japanese wallpapers are mostly plain and elegant. In the furniture, because the space is relatively small, try to reduce furniture and accessories, and make room for living. The pattern is dominated by plain nature, with flowers, bamboo forests, flying birds and calligraphy and painting.

How tall is the tatami bed:

The small editor also made a tatami bed in the bedroom. According to the designer's suggestion, I made a 500px platform. After I finished, I found out that even if someone sat up, the platform was too low. The legs were on the chest. For the people with long legs, it was very Uncomfortable, the platform should be designed according to the height of the person's legs, that is, the height of 40-1125px, suitable for people to sit down.


The tatami bed is suitable for ventilated rooms:

There are many plates used in tatami beds, so we recommend making tatami beds in a well-ventilated room. If the room is not ventilated, the pollution of the plates cannot be removed, which is very bad for the human body. The top layer of the tatami bed is also generally wooden, which is easy to clean and can also be used for wallpaper, but the age is not long. If you want to make an indoor space in the form of a tatami bed, you can just let the ordinary decoration company do it from the ground floor and make some simple decorations; but if you use traditional materials and do very traditional and room, you must find a professional shop decoration.

Decorated with tatami:

If there is no storage space under the tatami bed, you can also make a wardrobe indoors. The modern and simple wardrobes are generally floor-standing. The simple decorations are also more important. They are large and precise, can highlight the simple style, and are simpler. As a result, minimalist decoration is more popular in modern times, and it can be perfectly integrated with any style.


The above is the knowledge about the design and matching of the tatami bed. The tatami bed is more and more popular among people. Then we should pay attention to the tatami bed design when decorating. This tatami bed looks good and looks comfortable. Ok, today's topic about tatami is introduced here today. If you want to know more about the decoration and matching, you can pay attention to the official website of gojiaju!

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