How to grow vegetables better in the fall? Autumn vegetable cultivation method

Autumn is the season of vegetable cultivation. So how do you better grow vegetables in autumn? Do you know? Next, Xiaobian will introduce you to the next autumn vegetable cultivation method to help you better grow vegetables and get a good harvest.

How to grow autumn vegetables:


Seeds are the key to the harvest of vegetables, so be sure to choose the varieties, especially the seeds must be selected for cold and disease-resistant varieties, so that they can be prepared in the cold winter.


Sowing in vegetable cultivation is exquisite, time must be grasped well, not too early or too late, generally speaking, after the autumn, planting water radish, Chinese cabbage, etc., can be used for seed dressing with bactericidal pesticides before sowing, can be effective Prevent disease and bacterial growth.


Autumn and winter are seasons with relatively high rainfall, so be sure to pay attention to timely drainage to prevent excessive rain and unfavorable for vegetable growth.

Pest control

The diseases of vegetables are mainly diseases of Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, and bacterial wilt. As long as the control is timely, good results can be achieved. Spray pesticides as much as possible, do not choose to rain, this will easily cause rain erosion, affecting the control effect.

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