The choice and function of colored aluminum guardrail

[China Aluminum Industry Network] colored aluminum guardrail originated in Europe and the United States, they have been widely used in the seventies, and developed a professional standard, and China's use of colored aluminum guardrail is just starting, because the majority of consumers The color aluminum alloy guardrail is relatively unfamiliar, and does not know the perfect aspect of the colored aluminum guardrail. Therefore, the planning unit to the use unit still follow the traditional iron guardrail, cast iron guardrail, steel guardrail, wood guardrail, and defective stainless steel guardrail. In the days, everywhere can see the barriers of embrittlement, decay, rust, and yellow robes add to the bad scene, severely polluted the construction of a civilized city, affecting people's physical and mental health and the safety of life and property at all times, and therefore, demolishing and changing guardrails. Repeatedly funded scenes are very frequent. For example, when a consumer buys a new house, the guardrail does not look rusty, but it is cold. According to incomplete statistics, homeowners who have replaced the guardrail or cut off the guardrail account for more than 85% of the new house decoration. The road barrier guardrail has also become a few years. A change has resulted in repeated repeated financial contributions. With the rapid development of the national economy, the needs of the people's day, the upgrading of the barriers is imperative, and the development prospects are broad.

At present, most of the guardrails used by real estate professionals and other professions are wrought iron guardrails. When the suppliers participated in the bidding for quotation, due to the repeated price reductions caused by the quotations, they formed bad and vicious competition. The winning price of the bidding price was minimal, even lacking in capital, thus cutting corners in the processing and manufacturing process and seriously damaging the interests of consumers. . If processing and manufacturing are strictly conducted in accordance with the skill requirements of the plan, the cost of the product cannot be equal to the bid price. After market research, the number of lifespans of traditional guardrails is usually seven to eight years, ranging from three to four years. According to the relevant provisions of the national lifelong responsibility system for civil construction quality, those guardrails that are prone to rust, perishability, brittleness, and quality that cannot be ensured continue to be worrisome. The G20 summit settled in Hangzhou. There is a city with Suzhou and Hangzhou under heaven. Environmental protection and beauty have become synonymous with this city. Colorful spots are everywhere on the road. These colorful colors, besides flowers and plants, are now The color aluminum alloy guardrail used in Hangzhou, despite the high price quoted in the color aluminum alloy guardrail, its quality and practical value exceeds that of traditional guardrails by several times. The colored aluminum guardrail not only provided security for the people's lives, but also played a decorative role. It not only added a bright spot to the quality of the project, but also embarked on a new stage in economic development.

The aluminum alloy guardrail is made of 6063 industrial aluminum. After kneading, aging, melting, and high-temperature electrostatic spraying, it is manufactured with the new technology of classical buckle combination. The aluminum alloy guardrail does not require welding, wire bonding, and corner-jointing, and its nodes are seamless, safe, reliable, beautiful and stylish, and do not rust, and have a long life and good quality. The color aluminum alloy guardrail is the crystallization of a major revolution in China's guardrail industry. It not only meets the needs of the times, but also responds to the strategic policy of low carbon consumption, energy conservation and environmental protection. In the construction of a civilized city will become a beautiful landscape.

PTFE molded sheet is manufactured by molding method with PTFE granular resin. In fluoroplastics, PTFE got the most consumption and was used widely. It`s an important material in variety of fluoroplastics. PTFE exhibits astonishing chemical resistance. This self-lubricating material provides a low friction coefficient, and is ideally suited for the manufacture of corrosion-resistant gaskets & seals. 

Applications :

• Seal, seats, packing, chevrons

• Piston rings, glide rings, lantern rings, back up rings, Slide bearings

• Electrical and thermal insulators

• Wear plates

• Bushes, bearings in chemical pumps

• O-rings, envelope gaskets

• Bellows, lings(chemical), valve seats

Key Features :

• Excellent chemical and heat resistance

• Lowest co-efficient of friction

• Highest operating temperature and stability

• Physiologically inert

• Excellent electrical properties

• Can have glass or bronze fillers for wear resistance

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Black Ptfe Rod, Thin Ptfe Rod, White Ptfe Rod, Plastic Ptfe Rod


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