Jingdezhen ceramic tableware brand introduction

Ceramic tableware is most common at Chinese people's dinner tables. It is exquisitely made, beautiful in appearance, has no toxic side effects on the human body, and is easy to clean and does not cause mold and rust. It is deeply loved by ordinary people. Whether it is home or gift, ceramic tableware is undoubtedly the first thing to consider. Among the many ceramic tableware, the most famous ones are Jingdezhen ceramic tableware . Today, you can introduce them to everyone.


Jingdezhen ceramics has been famous since ancient times. The clay produced in Jingdezhen is very suitable for making pottery. It is not cracked, deformed, and has slow heat conduction. It will not be hot when the food is served. It has been passed down to the present. Jingdezhen ceramic tableware is still very famous. If you want to give gifts, many people will first think of Jingdezhen ceramic tableware.

The tree is big, and Jingdezhen ceramic tableware is no exception. Many informal ceramic tableware manufacturers also use the banner of Jingdezhen ceramic tableware to do business, making the ceramic tableware market black and smoke, and the price is not standardized. Therefore, it is recommended that all friends use acquaintances to recommend purchases internally to prevent fraud.


Ceramic tableware brand recommendation: 1, Jingdezhen Hongye ceramics, Guangdong Sitong ceramics 3, Guangdong Weiye ceramics 4, Qi Guolin ceramics 5, Guangxi Sanhuan ceramics 6, Chongqing Huatao ceramics 7, Guangdong Shunxiang ceramics 8, Shandong Yinfeng Ceramic 9, Guangdong Great Wall Ceramics 10, Tangshan Red Rose Ceramics. The above rankings are in no particular order and are for reference only.


Ok, today, the recommended ceramic tableware is here. I hope everyone can buy beautiful ceramic tableware. For more information, please pay attention to our official website.

Product Description
•Material: 100% virgin PTFE, no recycle.
•Certificate: ISO9001,MSDS,RoHs,REACH,FDA,Certificate of Origin.
•Own best performance,can be filled other material such as Bronze,Fiber glass,Carbon,Graphite and so on.
•Size could be made on the basis of customer's requirement.
•Payment item: T/T,L/C,DP or others.
•Price item: FOB,CIF,CFR and so on.
•Delivery time: As your request,usually within 7 days.
         Free samples can be offered as your requirements.
Item Thickness Length& Width
Molded sheet 3~~100mm Length*Width
Skived sheet 0.2~~6.5mm Width 100---2700mm
Length: by roll
PTFE Sheet 1/64~1/4 48*48 , 60*60
Item Unit Value
Gravity g/cm3 2.10-2.3
Tensile Strength MPa more than 15
Elongation Break % more than 150
Dielectric Strength Kv/mm 10

PTFE Sheet

100% Pure PTFE Sheet,Plastic PTFE Teflon Sheet,PTFE Teflon Baking Sheet ,100% Virgin White PTFE Sheet


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