What is the working principle of the thermal switch thermal switch

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What is a thermal switch
The thermal switch uses different thermal expansion coefficients of each component layer of the bimetal. When the temperature changes, the deformation of the active layer is greater than the deformation of the passive layer, so that the whole bimetal is bent toward the side of the passive layer. A device in which the curvature of the composite material changes to produce a characteristic of the deformation to achieve current switching.
Two thermal switch principle
The metal chip thermal switch has two special metal pieces inside, which look the same but have different physical properties. Their component layers have a large difference in thermal expansion, namely the coefficient of thermal expansion. Under the influence of temperature, the two pieces of metal will have different deformations. The result of this deformation is that the whole body is bent toward one side. The influence of such curvature and deformation controls the closing or opening of the circuit. It has the effect of a temperature-controlled switch.
Three thermal switch price
According to the data provided by the Pacific Security Network, it is roughly maintained at around one yuan, and the quotation of more merchants is more to choose to negotiate, which means that the price may be discussed with the quantity, which reminds you that There is still a lot of room for bargaining. And we open the quotation form of the world factory network and found that the price of the ksd301 model is basically one yuan, but also less than one yuan, while other models are slightly more expensive, about three yuan or more, seven five is the highest. And we have several customer service providers in Guangdong to ask about the price, and found that the quantity determines the final price. Take the case of Dongguan Kane Company. More than 100 orders will enjoy the price of 1.05 yuan. So from this point of view, the price close to 1 yuan is the right price for the thermal switch.

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