Beijing hot and cold double-layer rotary sushi equipment

The hot and cold food conveying line of Beijing hot and cold double-layer rotary sushi equipment is mainly made of beautiful, durable and hygienic materials such as stainless steel and engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of upper layer insulation and lower layer preservation, which is in line with raw, cold, cooked and hot. Separate storage of food can be divided into glass cover and stainless steel cover. It can be selected according to different styles of shops and customers. This device can be designed in any shape according to the layout of the store and the requirements of the customer. The dining table can also be designed according to the layout of the store or the requirements of the customer. There are many choices for the decorative materials of the countertops, such as artificial stone, marble, hardwood, etc. Under normal circumstances, we recommend that the sushi conveyor line be made of artificial stone. In recent years, artificial stone has various shapes and no seams. Fashion has become the darling of the kitchen industry. The decorative materials for the wall skirt are marble, fireproof board, acrylic sheet, translucent stone, aluminum-plastic board, etc. Customers can entrust us to install it or choose to decorate it locally.

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'Beijing hot and cold double-layer rotary sushi equipment

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It is good feed for phytophage livestock (cattle, sheep, and fish), also good for pig, chicken and other single stomach animals. 3-5% dosage in feed could provide the nutrition factors the animal need, but also promote the health of digesting system.

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