Porch decoration principle Feng Shui

Although the occupant's occupation in the living room is not large, but the frequency of use is high, it is the necessary place to enter and leave the house. As the necessary excessive space to enter the home, it is the first impression for the owner and the guest. It symbolizes the fierce situation of the home and the potential of the family's development, and is therefore an important location in the wind and water. Xiaobian introduces you to the layout principle of porch decoration Feng Shui.

The porch decoration principle is the color of Feng Shui:

In the porch position, dark or dark colors should be avoided. Otherwise, it is easy for the wicked to have a great change in depression or psychological character, which is not conducive to the stability of the home. In particular, the red of the "only yang" and the black of the "unusual yin" cannot be used. Otherwise, It will make the family have an extreme personality, and it is easy for family members to quarrel and get sick, and the house transportation will fall back. And from the perspective of feng shui, if you use black, dark gray and other decorations in the porch, it is easy to provoke some spiritual phenomenon, so it is cautious to choose the decorative color of the porch, to face the wealth and hurt the body.

Driving the Dafa: Try to choose the light-colored decorative porch, which will promote the harmonious relationship between the family and make them love each other.

The principle of porch decoration should not be too narrow:

The first thing that comes into view is the entrance. As the first space to get started, the role of the entrance is extraordinary. The design of the entrance must be set according to the size of the home and the Feng Shui. The setting of the entrance is large and small. Generally, the size of the apartment is more than 100 square meters. The entrance setting is relatively spacious in space, and the small apartment should be as small as possible in order to save space.

Although the entrance is just a small space, it can't be too narrow. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the entrance should not be too narrow, not too dark, not too messy. The porch is too narrow to give people a feeling of cramping, but can not achieve the role of home secrecy, generally speaking, there are many layout items appearing in this place, antique furnishings, paintings, shoe cabinets, lockers, mirrors, small benches, etc. .

The principle of porch decoration is not suitable for mirrors.

The porch mirror can be used as a sorting instrument when entering and exiting, and it can make the porch brighter. But if the mirror of the entrance is facing the door, it is not appropriate. The reasons are as follows:

1. The door is easy to produce illusions, lack of concentration, and even lead to illness. In addition, if the orientation of the mirror is in the position, it will spread the gas field of the disease to the entire room.

2, the door to the mirror will affect the family's fortune, the mirror's reflection, the ability to enter the house reflected, shut the wealth of God.

3, the porch top should not be a mirror, this will make people look up and see the reflection on their head and feet, giving people a sense of reversal, must be avoided.

The principle of porch decoration layout is not suitable for beams at the top of Feng Shui:

The porch has a beam top is a feng shui taboo, the so-called "beam beam pressure porch, money to close up (that is, the money borrowed can not be returned)." The porch is like a human neck. If the beam is pressed against the porch, it is like a neck being shackled. Naturally, it is not smooth. In addition, this beam is also like a high-hanging Shantou Gate. Every time it enters and exits, it is cut like a stone knife, which is not good for family luck.

If you can't change the position of the beam and the porch, you can choose the following method to resolve:

1. A set of Guangwu ancient emperor money can be hung on the beam to make the suffocating gas.

2, you can use false ceilings to block the beams, different colors, the choice of ceiling color is also different, the law is: Tuyusheng Wuhuangjin, Wuhuang Jinsheng / Kemu ceiling color.

The enthusiasm of the entrance:

There are often some ornaments and plants placed in the entrance, in addition to the decorative effect on the entrance, it also has a certain impact on the feng shui of the entrance. Mirrors, paintings, plants, fish tanks, etc. are all essential in the porch.

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