What are the material composition of the wallpaper?

What are the material composition of the wallpaper:

1. Plastic wallpaper: This is a common wallpaper on the market. Most of the plastics used are polyvinyl chloride (or polyethylene), referred to as PVC plastic wallpaper.

Plastic wallpapers are usually divided into: ordinary wallpapers, foam wallpapers, and so on. Each category is divided into several varieties, each of which is subdivided into a variety of colors.

Ordinary wallpaper uses 80 g/m2 paper as the substrate, and is coated with PVC paste resin of about 100 g/m2, and then printed and embossed. Such wallpapers are often divided into three types: flat light printing, light printing, monochrome embossing, and printing embossing.

2. Foaming wallpaper: Foaming wallpaper uses 100 g/m2 paper as the substrate, and plastic coated 300-400 g/m2 PVC paste resin mixed with foaming agent, and then foamed after printing.

This type of wallpaper is thicker and softer than ordinary wallpaper. The surface of the high-foamed wallpaper is elastic and concave-like; the low-foamed wallpaper is printed with a pattern on the foaming plane, such as relief, wood grain, ceramic tile and the like.

3. Pure paper wallpaper: mainly processed from grass, bark, etc., and modern high-grade new natural reinforced wood pulp (including 10% wood fiber).

The color is natural, generous and simple. The bonding technique is simple, it is not easy to curl, foam, no smell, high environmental performance, and strong ventilation. It is specially designed for European children's rooms, especially the modern new enhanced wood pulp wallpaper is more scrub resistant. , anti-static, no vacuum and so on.

4. Natural effects wallpaper

It is a wallpaper made of grass, wood, leaves, etc. The style is simple and natural, elegant and generous, and the atmosphere of life is strong, giving people the feeling of returning to nature.

5 . Wood fiber wallpaper: This kind of wallpaper has superior performance and overcomes the shortage of many wallpapers. It is a classic and practical high-end wallpaper.

Synthesized from the fine silk fiber or polyester extracted from the special tree species in Northern Europe. It is made of matt type pigment (flower and linen extract). It is soft and natural, easy to match with furniture, and has a wide variety of colors. It does not have any chemical damage to the human body. Good performance, the moisture and moisture of the wall can pass through the wallpaper; long-term use, there will be no feeling of suffocation, which is what we often say "breathing wallpaper", is the first choice for healthy home. It is durable, can be scrubbed with water, and can be cleaned with a brush. The anti-pull effect is 8-10 times better than ordinary wallpaper. Anti-mildew, moisture-proof, anti-mite, life is 2-3 times that of ordinary wallpaper.

6. Metal wallpaper: rich and elegant, noble and gorgeous, this is the experience brought by metal wallpaper.

However, usually this feeling can only be found in hotels, restaurants or nightclubs. A small part of the special effect wall of modern homes is adopted.

This kind of metal wallpaper is made of gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum and other metals. After special treatment, it is made into thin slices and attached to the surface of the wallpaper. The lines formed by this wallpaper are quite rough and unrestrained, and the whole piece is used for the wall surface. It may be tacky, but properly embellished to reveal a dazzling and avant-garde.

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