The domestic steel industry continues the downturn since the fourth quarter of last year

Looking at the port, the number of ports with increased seamless steel pipe and 3087 seamless steel pipe stocks increased significantly on the 35th last week. A total of 15 ports increased inventories, mainly in East China and South China. Among them, Jingtang Port increased the most, an increase of 300,000 tons from the previous week, followed by Fuzhou Port, an increase of 270,000 tons. Rizhao Port and Qingdao Port in East China also increased by 100,000 tons. There are only 7 ports with declining inventories, and Caofeidian Port and Tianjin Port are the most obvious declines, reducing 300,000 tons and 290,000 tons respectively. From the perspective of Taigang stainless steel pipe, Taigang stainless steel plate, Taigang stainless steel plate factory, sources, the inventory of imported source sources increased and decreased last Wednesday, among which Brazil mine increased the most, increasing by 820,000 tons from the previous week. 160,000 tons, while Indian mines fell by 430,000 tons. The proportion of the three major sources of imports has therefore continued to fall, and hit a new low for the year. Http://

Last week, the import of 20# fertilizer special pipe, 15CrMo fertilizer special pipe, 16Mn fertilizer special pipe all the way down, the decline further increased, the imported iron ore index shows that 61.5% of Australian mines have fallen to 100.5 US dollars / ton, down 10 US dollars . The spot mines in the port also fell sharply. The comprehensive price of imported mines fell by 56 yuan/ton in a week, a drop of 6.5%. When the prices of steel and iron ore continued to fall, some merchants were forced to lower their prices due to financial pressure. The price and production of 304 white steel plates and 316L stainless steel pipes were maintained at a low level, and the market turnover was sluggish. Http://, http://

Affected by factors such as weak downstream demand, Q345C square tube, Q345D square tube, Q345B square tube, Q345C square tube, Q345D square tube tube, and low steel price, the domestic steel industry continued the downturn since the fourth quarter of last year. The economic benefits of the company have further declined. In the face of fierce market competition, the company earnestly implemented the work guidelines put forward by the board of directors at the beginning of the year, analyzed the market situation, actively changed concepts, seized opportunities, took measures to increase safety production management, and carried out in-depth activities to benchmark potential, reduce costs and increase efficiency. Quickly identify the causes and solve the key points of high cost; at the same time, improve the production capacity and sales of seismic steel bars, expand the market and sales share of the steel products, and enhance market competitiveness. Http://, http://

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