Wanhua old wood special crusher wood grinder discharge uniform

Detailed introduction of the applicable scope and characteristics of Wanhua wood shredder, Wanhua wood shredder consists of three parts: the body, the middle body and the lower body. How to operate and how to maintain the wood shredder is very important, as well as the wood shredder. The safety operation procedures and the maintenance of the protection network must be taken seriously. How to deal with the abnormal vibration of the wood shredder, Wanhua mechanical technicians will give you detailed answers. The wood shredder produced by Wanhua is equipped with pulleys for easy movement and normal operation. It is guaranteed that it will never be blocked by the incoming and outgoing materials. The crushed wood chips will be very uniform and the output will be higher.
The scope and characteristics of the wood shredder:
The wood pulverizer combines slicing and pulverizing into one piece, which can cut branches and branches with a diameter of 1-20 cm, and can also be used for cutting, pine, and miscellaneous of fibrous stalk materials such as bamboo, thatch, corn stalk, and sorghum stalk. Wood, rosewood, fir, raw bamboo, etc.
Wood shredder operation and maintenance:
1, the machine is used, does not change the power and speed, sharpen the angle, keep the original line 28-30 degrees.
2, change the particles, need to change the Luo, adjust the knife at the same time, the minimum hole is not less than 14mm (diameter), the maximum is not more than 20mm (diameter), the length of the knife is between 3-6mm, the gap between the bottom knife and the knife is not greater than 1mm.
3. The wood powder with a powder diameter of 3cm-20cm or less is granulated.
1. Turn on the power and see if the steering is correct.
2. When the tool is replaced, the knife edge extends 2 to 4 mm from the plane of the cutter, and then the bolt is tightened. If the pressure bolt thread is found to be worn, it should be replaced immediately to prevent damage to the cutter nut.
3, change the degree of expansion of the knife, must be consistent with the length of the knife.
4. When the length of the knife is adjusted and the particles are not ideal, change the sieve with different pore sizes.
5. It is strictly forbidden to put wood with stones and nails into the machine to prevent the knife and internal parts from being damaged.
6. Pay attention to check the hammer bolts and find that they are loose and immediately tightened. When the hammer and bolts are seriously worn, they should be replaced.

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'Wanhua old wood special crusher wood shredder discharge uniform

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