Talking about the Characteristics of Air Transportation in Nanjing Huayu Logistics

Talking about the Characteristics of Air Transportation in Nanjing Huayu Logistics


     The products provided by air transport are a special form of product - " space displacement " . Its product form is to change the spatial displacement of air transport objects. The product units are " human kilometers " and " ton kilometers " , air transportation products. Commodity attributes are finally achieved through the purchase of product users in the air transport market.


     The air transport industry belongs to the tertiary industry and is a service industry. It reflects the number of services by providing " space displacement " , and reflects the quality of services by means of service and service attitude. This attribute determines that the carrier must continuously expand its capacity to meet the growing demand for products in the society, and follow the principle of “ passenger first, customer first ” to provide safe, convenient, comfortable and punctual quality services for product users.


     Air transport has become the most important form of transportation in modern society and has become the link between international political exchanges and economic cooperation. This includes both international friendly cooperation and fierce international competition. In terms of services, freight rates, technical standards, operation management and the formulation and implementation of laws and regulations, it is subject to international uniform standards and international aviation. The impact of the transportation market.


     Human aviation activities were first put into the military field and then turned into civilian use. The mastery of air supremacy in modern warfare is an important factor in achieving the active status of war. Therefore, many countries stipulate in the law that the fleets and related personnel owned by air transport enterprises serve the national economic construction in peacetime. As a military reserve force, civil aviation can be requisitioned by the state in accordance with legal procedures during wartime or emergency. Serve military needs.

     Capital, technology, risk intensive

     The air transport industry is a high-input industry, and its transportation and other transportation equipment are expensive and costly. Therefore, its operating costs are very high. Due to the high technical requirements, complex equipment operation and high interdependence among various departments, the air transportation industry is highly risky in its operation. Governments and organizations in any country do not have the corresponding financial resources to subsidize their own air transport companies like subsidizing urban public transport. For this reason, the air transport industry is considered to be not a social welfare undertaking in all countries of the world, and it must be profitable to maintain its normal operation and development.

     Natural monopoly

     Due to the huge investment in the air transport industry, the capital, technology and risks are highly intensive, the investment recovery cycle is long, the air transport subject qualifications are stricter, the market entry threshold is high, and the historical reasons make the air transport industry form a natural development process. monopoly.

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