China exhibits super-directional directional energy weapons working similar to microwave ovens

Hong Kong media said that the exhibition of military and civilian integration development achievements of the national defense science and technology industry held in Beijing recently exhibited a microwave-oriented energy weapon that can give the skin a strong burning sensation. The Hong Kong Ming Pao website quoted the Quanzhou Evening News as saying on July 27 that the exhibition opened in Beijing on July 16 and exhibited nearly a thousand representative military-transfer major achievements and products, one of which was similarly installed on the roof. The microwave-oriented energy weapon of the radar antenna has attracted attention from all walks of life.

According to the report, the weapon is called "WB-I type riot prevention system". By emitting microwave beams to heat water molecules on human skin, it will cause strong pain and unbearable burning sensation, forcing aggregation. The crowd fled. In other words, this weapon works like a home microwave oven.

According to the description, the weapon has a effective radius of 80 meters and can reach 1 kilometer after increasing the transmission power. The report pointed out that this system is mainly used to maintain stability against terrorism and point defense, and can also be installed on ships to perform tasks such as maritime rights protection and anti-piracy.

The British "Defense Weekly" has reported that this WB-I anti-riot rejection system is similar to the Active Rejection System (ADS) developed by Raytheon. The application of this system to naval vessels will enable the PLA to promote non-lethal confrontation and strengthen the mainland's declaration of sovereignty in the South China Sea.

Hong Kong's Ming Pao website quoted VOA Radio in 2014 as saying that Professor Claska, who specializes in the law of the sea at the US Naval War College, said that Chinese patrol boats might use this hidden and unmarked weapon against the Philippines. Fishermen in Vietnam and other countries have deterred or attacked.

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