How much is the security door lock core? A quality of the lock cylinder affects the safety factor of the family

How much is the security door lock core ? Now people's awareness of prevention is gradually being strengthened. As long as they are moving, they will change the anti-theft door lock core for a change. In that case, they will be more assured. But many friends are not experts, so for how to change the anti-theft door lock core, change the price of the anti-theft door lock core, this related information may not be very understanding, although we often change the anti-theft door lock core are looking for the master to change, But it's always good to know how to change. The price issue is that we should pay attention to, and now many cheated behaviors appear. Here we talk about how to change the anti-theft door lock core, how much a security door lock core , so that everyone knows.

Anti-theft door lock core introduction

The anti-theft locks used today are divided into three levels: A, B, and B. Anti-theft door lock cylinder rating, we can distinguish from the key.

A-level lock

At present, the A-class anti-theft lock keys on the market mainly include a word key and a cross key. The internal structure of the A-stage lock cylinder is very simple, limited to the change of the marble, and the marble slot is small and shallow. Anti-technical opening time within 1 minute, the open rate is very high. The marble structure is a single row marble or cross lock.

Class B lock

Class B lock keys are flat keys with double row of marble grooves. The difference from Grade A locks lies in the fact that the key surface has more than one row of curved and irregular lines. The main types of lock cylinders are 3 kinds, computer double row lock cores, double row crescent lock cores, double-sided blade lock cores. Anti-technical opening time within 5 minutes, high open rate. With a strong twist tool, the lock cylinder can be opened within 1 minute.

Super B lock

The key shape is a single-sided blade inner slot or external slot key. The type of the cylinder is the side cylinder lock core. The Ministry of Public Security cannot detect the opening of the technology for 270 minutes. The regional open rate is zero (16 millionth). . The marble structure is double row vane and V-side column lock; if the lock cylinder is opened with strong twist tool, the lock cylinder is damaged inside, and it is locked by self-explosion, and it cannot be opened.


How to choose anti-theft door lock core

1. Look at the "teeth" of the key. The more teeth, the deeper the teeth, the more complicated the arrangement, the greater the difficulty of opening, the better the anti-theft performance.

2. Pick a lock on the weight of two, one to watch the lock cylinder. The heavier the weight, the better the quality of the lock cylinder and the more beads in the lock cylinder, the better the anti-theft function.

3. Select the lock core to see the color, than the color to see work. The good quality lock core is electroplated and has a smooth surface and bright color. The dark yellow color is a copper core, which is relatively strong, anti-theft performance is good, the color of the lock cylinder is dark, and the zinc oxide is a kind of zinc oxide with air bubbles, and the anti-theft performance is general.

4. The anti-theft performance of the key inserted into the lock cylinder is poor. After the key is inserted halfway, turn it clockwise or counterclockwise with 5 to 7 centimeters and continue to press the key into the lock. The key of the card shows that the anti-theft performance of the lock cylinder is poor. , smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder in the semi-rotary state, the anti-theft effect is good.


How much money a security door lock core

Anti-theft door lock core according to different materials, and different levels of different prices, of course, also include brand factors, in general, the higher the level of the brand anti-theft door lock core, the more expensive, the better the material the more expensive, the domestic brand price is generally 100 yuan About the price of foreign imported brands will be around 300, the following is the introduction of some well-known anti-theft door brand lock cylinder price.

The United States more spiritual super B-level lock core security upgrade anti-theft door lock core anti-tin foil door 42.5+32.5 ¥89.00

Golden atom atom goldatom Super B blade Anti-tin foil cylinder Anti-theft lock cylinder Y60 Series 35.0+35.0 ¥299.00

Morrison B-level lock core C-level lock blade blade anti-theft door Super B lock core anti-tin foil ¥ 180.00

Murray’s anti-theft door lock cylinder fifth-generation Super B-level lock cylinder C-class double-leaf lock cylinder anti-tin foil ¥ 178.00

Karma anti-theft door lock core Super B grade lock core 750A1 blade lock anti-theft anti-theft anti-tin lock paper core ¥ 226.00

Karma anti-theft door lock core 750K1 double idling Super B grade anti-tin foil C class blade lock anti-theft lock core 57.5+32.5=90mm RMB468.00

North also super B anti-theft door lock core with serpentine slot anti-tin foil open 70 (30+40) ¥78.00

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is how much the anti-theft door lock core quality of a lock cylinder related to the family's safety factor related to the introduction, hoping to help meet the needs of friends! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up will present more exciting content. You can also purchase more of your favorite products on Qijia Mall!

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