Entering Xi'an Samsung Semiconductor Company: Using Technology to Create Green Competitiveness

Entering Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, the factory is a rockery with trees and trees. The fish in the artificial lake swims and swims, which is difficult to connect with the concept of the factory. But here, it produces the world's most advanced technology - 10 nanometer NAND flash memory chips (V-NAND).

For Samsung Semiconductor, guiding the future development of society is not only to produce the world's most advanced products, but also to create the world's highest level of green management system (G-EHS) in environmental protection.

Forming a semiconductor industry chain

The place where the Samsung Semiconductor Factory is located is originally an open field and is now becoming a developed electronics industry base.

Xi'an is the largest investment area for Samsung Electronics' overseas chip production line, with a total investment of US$7.5 billion. The main products of Samsung Xi'an Semiconductor are 3D V-NAND Flash Memory, and the Chinese name is “3D Vertical Flash Memory”, which is mainly used in SSD solid state drives, internal memories and memory cards.

Since the start of the Samsung high-end flash memory chip project on September 12, 2012, the production line has been successfully completed and put into production on May 9, 2014. On the afternoon of April 14, Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. held a completion and commissioning ceremony for the packaging and testing production line. This marks that the Samsung chip factory in the high-tech zone has become the only production base for Samsung's overseas investment in storage chip manufacturing, packaging and testing.

Samsung Electronics maintains the world's market share in the field of solid-state drives. Driven by the explosive growth of SSDs, V-NAND flash-based SSDs produced in Xi'an will drive SSDs to Samsung Electronics. Popularity plays an important role.

Create an international green management system (G-EHS)

Based on the "fear of life" thinking, Samsung promotes the healthy development of mankind and the earth through the business approach of "people-oriented, respect for nature". In Samsung's view, protecting the environment and security of the region is not only a social responsibility, but also an important part of its own competitiveness.

Vice President Cui Shengjie of Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. said that from the raw materials, parts purchase, development, production, to logistics, use, waste, etc., the entire process from birth to disposal takes into account environmental protection and safety issues.

In the factory area, the reporter saw the discharge of water from the wastewater and reused the ecological lotus pond. The wastewater treated by the company first flows into the high-tech second sewage treatment plant. After treatment, it is finally discharged into the river. Some of the treated water is used in the business field to green the landscape and the ecological lotus pond. It is directly reused by the company's discharge water. The water contains fish and various aquatic plants. The safety of the discharged water can be confirmed by observing the growth state of fish and aquatic plants.

In terms of product manufacturing process, Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is also constantly innovating to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the source. In the production process, the wafer takes about 30 seconds to prepare before it enters the device. In December 2014, the process technicians passed the test and adjusted the equipment without affecting the quality, reducing the preparation time by about 10 seconds. According to the power of 1500W per device, the processing of each wafer is reduced by 4.17 kWh.

In addition to the production process, Samsung Semiconductor is also striving to save energy and reduce emissions in the office area. All the indoor lighting installed in the factory and the emergency induction lamps are all LED lights. Although the initial investment is large, the use efficiency has increased by 32%, the annual energy saving is 5,113MWh, and the emission reduction is 4,898 (ton).

Beyond the economic level

Vice President Cui Shengjie said that the environmental safety department of Samsung (China) Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is based on the basic principle of “environmental safety is the first principle of business management”, putting the health and safety of employees first and establishing a corporate safety culture. By protecting resources and reducing pollutants to promote the healthy development of the earth, ordinary consumers are also aware of the value of energy-efficient products.

The completion of the Samsung project has brought not only industrial effects, but also greatly improved the economic extroversion of Xi'an, an inland city. According to statistics, in 2014, the total import and export volume of high-tech zones reached 18 billion US dollars, which has become a strong engine of Shaanxi's open economy.

For Samsung, the project also transcends economic significance. In addition to industrial investment, Samsung is also building a “social responsibility demonstration zone” in Shaanxi, which will introduce China's Samsung's iconic public welfare activities into Shaanxi, including disaster relief, rural assistance, education support, assistance for disabled children, and environmental protection.

China's Samsung hopes to use this to find a way to invest in economic development and social responsibility. Zhang Yuanji, president of Samsung Group Greater China, said: "Shaanxi Province, as a key investment area for Samsung's most advanced semiconductor factories and research institutes, is looking forward to becoming another model in the CSR field."

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