How is the whale toilet flush?

SSWW whale sanitary ware has two major production bases in the world, including leisure sanitary ware and sanitary ceramics, six product production workshops, and an excellent global R&D, design, and testing center, covering an area of ​​nearly 200,000 square meters. The annual output of ceramic sanitary ware is about 5 million. Pieces. So how about a whale toilet ? Is a whale toilet good? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

How about a whale toilet

How about a whale toilet - background

The whale toilet is one of the well-known sanitary ware brands in China, and it is one of the products of Long Whale sanitary ware. This experience has witnessed many years of history, and even witnessed a well-known old brand of the new century. Founded in 1994, the whale bath brand has grown in the past 20 years. Famous at home and abroad, it seems to become a global development company. Whale sanitary ware has two major production bases in the world: leisure sanitary ware and sanitary ceramics. There are six categories of product production workshops. The products cover more than ten types of bathroom accessories such as massage bathtubs, shower rooms, toilets, bathroom cabinets and hardware faucets.

The whales concentrate on the whole bathroom for many years and provide customers with total space solutions to meet different space and individual needs. Over the years, the whale products have been exported to 107 countries including the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Japan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and they have maintained a leading position in the Swedish market.

How about a whale toilet - technology

Whale toilet products are made of high-quality materials, and employ internationally-renowned designers and artists to create beautiful and stylish appearances for their products. They combine aesthetics with state-of-the-art technology in the bathroom, combine art and technology perfectly, and create modern designs and aesthetics. Decent, soft and soothing arc, simple and stylish, fresh and smooth lines, beautiful and generous.

Whale toilet flush effect is super strong, the surface uses original nano self-cleaning glaze technology, nano antibacterial, product is super clean, green, with special anti-fouling effect, is conducive to keeping the toilet clean, is every pursuit of a healthy life Home essential first choice. Sanitary water saving is a major trend, and the development of 6L and 3/6L dual water saving water-saving toilets has been very effective in the market.

How about a whale toilet - Quality

The whale toilet was warmly received by the EU's CE at the time when the company was established five years ago. It was the first to pass the international ISO9001:2000 certification before its peers in the field, and was certified by exporting countries such as Canada and the United States. At present, the company sells in the building materials market in 107 countries and regions around the world. The products are trusted and liked by consumers everywhere. The Whale Sanitary Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. represented China's Sanitary Ware Industry and attended many international exhibitions.

In the self-sufficient domestic market, under the strategy of moving to the international arena, the whale toilet is not only a well-known trademark in the sanitary ware industry in China, but also a world-famous bathroom brand in China. Committed to creating a global user satisfaction with sanitary products for the purpose, the company step by step to achieve their goals.

How do whale toilets - word of mouth

"Walking whale toilet is a well-known Guangdong brand, reputation is good, product quality is good, and their after-sales service is done in place, you can rest assured to buy."

"The flushing is relatively strong. The key whale bathroom glaze spraying technology is better. The whole ceramic part is good."

“My home is a whale toilet, which is very good quality, functional, easy to operate, and very durable. It has been used for several years. There is no quality problem and you can buy it with confidence.”

"Walking whale is a bathroom brand in Foshan, but also has a history of several years, and the evaluation in the industry can still be, belongs to the high-end brand."

The above is a brief introduction to the whale toilet. I hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.


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