Saint-Gobain Abrasives First-time Dealer Application Technology Training Successfully Held in Northeast China

Abstract In 2015, in order to better serve the sales and dealer network of Saint-Gobain Abrasives China and to create the unique “engineering culture” of Saint-Gobain, Saint-Gobain appointed senior sales managers in key business areas such as South China, East China and North China.
In 2015, in order to better serve Saint-Gobain Abrasives China's sales and dealer network, and to create Saint-Gobain's unique “engineering culture”, Saint-Gobain appointed Li Kai, a senior sales manager in key business areas such as South China, East China and North China. Saint-Gobain Abrasives China Application Technology Team Director. Under his leadership, Saint-Gobain Abrasives application technology team will rely on its own technical strength to better promote the application of Saint-Gobain advanced grinding technology in actual grinding, and assist customers in solving the difficult problems in grinding. Becoming a technical guarantee to provide customers with the best grinding solutions.

As a key project of this year's Saint-Gobain application technology team and industrial sales team, the distributor application technology training mainly includes three parts: basic knowledge of abrasives, products and their applications, PSP introduction; sales skills and dealer management, Saint-Gobain and distribution. How to cooperate with each other to obtain more business; according to the regional business development focus of different regions and the introduction of grinding applications in specific industries.

From July 20th to 21st, 2015, the first dealer application technology training was successfully held in Shenyang. Sales staff from more than ten key distributors of industrial channels in the northeast of Saint-Gobain, such as Dalian Rida Abrasives Co., Ltd., Shenyang Longsheng Runda Trading Co., Ltd., Liaoning Xingda Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd., Jilin Shuangjie Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd., and Saint-Gobain Mr. Liu Yuxi, Director of Commercial Operations of Abrasives, and the application technology team and the industrial sales team in Northeast China attended the event.
At the meeting, Mr. Liu Yuxi first introduced the development of the Saint-Gobain application technology team and the opportunities we faced in the fierce market competition. He pointed out that the purpose of the application technology team was to better serve customers, strengthen on-site technical support for product use, strengthen the promotion and application of new technologies, and solve problems for customers. Subsequent Saint-Gobain will continue to increase its focus and investment in the market segment, provide more detailed services for different industries, further enhance competitiveness, and better develop market with dealer partners.

Mr. Li Kai, Director of the Application Technology Department, shared the basic knowledge of abrasive abrasives, basic sales techniques and practical information on how to deal with and handle complaints. With the rich industry experience accumulated in the first-line sales work in the past 20 years, Li Kai interacted with the dealers frequently, and answered the puzzles and problems they encountered on the spot, showing the profound skill in solving the problem of customer's on-site grinding. Subsequently, Mr. Jin Tao, the application technology manager who is in charge of the automotive industry, combined the theory with the actual situation, introduced the application of the abrasive tools in the automobile and parts industry in detail, which caused great concern of the dealers.

Zhang Guoqiang, the sales manager of Northeast China, started from the actual situation of the region and introduced to the northeast region that while facing the downward pressure of the economy, it still has new development opportunities and elaborated the direction and goals of the next regional business development and development.

The one-day, compact training and team building activities benefited every participating dealer.
As one of the important development strategies in 2015, Saint-Gobain Abrasives Annual Distributor Application Technology Training will be launched in other regions. While further promoting the “engineering culture”, Saint-Gobain is committed to building a learning team, improving the business literacy and capabilities of the majority of dealers, and achieving mutual benefit and win-win results.

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