LED explosion-proof lamp is broken how to do

What should I do if the LED explosion-proof lamp is broken?

Although the LED explosion-proof lamp technology is now very mature, in general, as our factory before shipment, will be tested three times before going out, the first time will be tested when the next light will not shine, the first 2 The test voltage is placed on the burn-in bench, and the third time it is taken out of the finished product warehouse. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it will not be bad, but it cannot be 100% not bad. Occasionally, it will be bad one or two. If it is broken, what should we do?

1, first identify the reasons to see if the current is too large, or the problem inside the lamp, before a customer in Guangxi to our factory's 40wled explosion-proof lights to take out when actually give the line that painted with explosion-proof cement, leading to The back of the lamp is flooded with water, and it is in bad condition. Therefore, we must pay attention to it when it is installed.

2. When removing the lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to it. Put the cable into the hose and seal it with a plug. It is very dangerous for a place like the hub polishing workshop to be sparked.

3, first do not rush to open the lamp inspection, but first let the purchase contact the seller of the LED explosion-proof lights, if the seller in the warranty period will teach you how to deal with, in case you first remove the seller said not through them Agree with you on the demolition, do not give the sale after the trouble, in general, this situation will not occur, not afraid of 10,000 in case of fear.

4, in general, the seller will agree to let your own first open inspection, like LED is the main power supply and lamp beads, 80% is the power supply is broken, if the installation is not installed, when the water, then the lamp beads will burn If the power supply is broken, you only need to send the power back to the seller to replace it. If the lamp is also burned, you can only send the entire light to the seller by courier or logistics. Of course, if the volume is large, let the seller It is not impossible to send a new light fixture.

About other experiences:

In general, if the whole lamp is off, basically the power supply is broken, and if one strobe or only one row of bright (a row is not lit) is basically a bad lamp, it is necessary to replace a power supply. The entire light is sent back for repair.


The place where the explosion-proof light is installed is different from the general place. When entering, it is necessary to be careful not to bring a watch, a mobile phone, a lighter, etc., safety first.

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