How much does the whole cabinet compare?

In the decoration budget, the cabinet part can be said to be a relatively expensive part. Before Xiao Bian had done a survey to see how much money each cabinet had costed. Looking at it synthetically, there were also more than 3,000 cheaper, and more than 50,000 were expensive. The price difference between the two was so great. So how much is the whole cabinet ? How is the overall cabinet price calculated? Today we talk about how much money a whole set of cabinets have and how the overall cabinet price is calculated.

How much is the whole cabinet - the composition of the whole cabinet

The whole cabinet is composed of cabinets, backstage, cabinet hardware, electrical appliances, lamps, decorative parts, etc. It unites many functions of the kitchen together. The cabinets include different cabinet styles such as decorative cabinets, high cabinets, semi-high cabinets, and stage cabinets. The background materials include artificial stone countertops, quartz stone countertops, stainless steel countertops, glass countertops, natural stone countertops and other different types of countertops. The appliance contains all appliances used in the kitchen such as: refrigerator, stove, sterilizer, oven, dishwasher, microwave oven, hood, etc. Decorations include partitions, top lines, ceilings, decoration, and more.

How much is the whole cabinet - how to calculate the overall cabinet price

Those who bought the whole cabinet know that the “Yanmi” price includes the total price of the base cabinet and the hanging cabinet. On this basis, if there is a local area as long as the base cabinet does not hang the cabinet, it will press “2/8” or “ The ratio of 4/6" is converted. There is another way to calculate the cost of the whole cabinet price based on the unit price of the standard size cabinet, which is called the cabinet pricing method. For example: a kitchen of about 8 square meters, the whole cabinet needs about 3 meters long, there are three sets of cabinets, two sets of cabinets. We can calculate the overall cabinet price in two ways.

How much is the whole cabinet?

For example: a kitchen of about 8 square meters, the whole cabinet needs about 3 meters long, there are three sets of cabinets, two sets of cabinets. We can extend the rice price per unit by 3 meters. If the price is 2,000 yuan per meter, the overall cabinet price of 3 meters is 6,000 yuan. Here we must remind everyone that the design and installation of the whole cabinet are inseparable from the coordination of the decorating team, and these are also one of the important factors that determine the overall cabinet price. For example, the laying position of the tile, the height of the ceiling, the width of the door frame, the position of the gas meter, the actual direction of the gas pipe, the water pipe, the power line, etc. all require the cooperation and construction of the decorating team to directly affect the use of the material. .



How much is the whole cabinet - cabinet pricing

The cabinet valuation method is based on a separate cabinet. This algorithm uses the price of three sets of cabinets + the price of two sets of cabinets. For example, the price of a set of cabinets is 1,200 yuan, and that of the three sets is 3,600 yuan; the price of one set of cabinets is 800 yuan, and that of the second set of cabinets is 1,600 yuan. The total price of the combined cabinets is 5,200 yuan. Those who bought the whole cabinet know that the foreign-standard cabinet pricing is more affordable than the current domestic Yan meter pricing. However, as people's needs continue to increase, merchants have developed functional cabinets that meet different requirements. According to the various dimensions of the cabinet body, the amount of consumables for plates, hardware and related accessories is calculated. Each type of standard cabinet has a corresponding Quotation, the price of the whole cabinet is clear and the customers can freely combine according to their own needs.

How much is the whole cabinet - comparing two valuation methods

Merchants using cabinet pricing often provide consumers with a price list denominated in meters for comparison. However, this kind of comparison is inherently narrow because the plates, countertops, designs and details of the cabinets are all very different. Even if they are of the same material, the unit price of the whole kitchen cabinets will be different. Therefore, consumers must have a deep understanding of the cabinet's plates and gifting activities prior to determining the plan, so that whatever pricing method is used, you can understand it.

Editor's summary: The above is a description of how much the whole cabinet is and how the two overall cabinet prices are calculated. For the overall cabinet price calculation, the quotes on the market are uneven, consumers must shop around when they buy, and find the one that they are most satisfied with. If you want to learn more about this, follow our website.

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