How does the ceramic market shuffle to exacerbate how marble tiles break out?

As a rapidly growing industry, the ceramic industry continues to innovate this year. After the marble tile storm in 2014 was launched in the ceramics market, it attracted a large number of peers to enter the market, and the market competition entered a stage of white-hot. After the marble tile brand is established, the differentiation of marble tile brands is particularly important. In August, the ceramics industry began to enter the off-season, and the landing terminal has become the marketing consensus of the entire industry.

Marble tile market pattern changes

Looking at the current marble tile brand branding route, we can easily find that many brands with outstanding achievements pay attention to the two aspects of customer maintenance and after-sales service. Although product quality, color and matching are equally important, in the current product homogenization and information transparency, customer maintenance and after-sales service are well done. For the nickname marble tile with capital advantage, it is also to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Effective Ways.

As we all know, the consumers corresponding to the current marble tile products are concentrated in the middle and high-end groups. Therefore, it is imperative to create unique and distinctive products. However, a large amount of capital investment is not affordable for SMEs. Therefore, the situation of SMEs at this stage is particularly embarrassing. How to survive will become a problem that they must face and solve at the moment, so how do big brands counterattack at this critical moment?

Marble tiles still have great potential for development

In the ceramics industry market, SMEs like to keep fighting in a sub-segment. In fact, it is not necessary to do this. To be the same type of product will only make it oppressed, and the living space will be squeezed by big brands.

Some marble tile advocacy companies, in team building, product development, terminal activities, etc., through the optimization of channels can get positive feedback, in this mode the brand will be recommended, the amount of fans will increase, brand awareness will also It will grow with it.

Find resources to use the platform

With a good product, you need to find a good platform and partner. For the creation of a marble tile empire, sometimes it is especially important to find a good partner. Good partners, or brand traders, can reasonably assign their careers to all stages of brand development. Only in this way can they continue. The land insurance brand is developing steadily in the best condition. It is the necessity of enterprise development to make the most reasonable development direction for the internal team building, brand promotion and terminal activities of marble tile enterprises.

A shot may be a short-term goal, but more importantly, the creation of the platform, the integration of resources of partners, truly doing things for the end customers, doing good things, doing big things, and being able to do things in a down-to-earth manner.

Keeping in touch with the outside world, "making cars"

With the product, with the team, you should also understand the world outside, which requires more people from the stone enterprise to go out and see. For marble tile companies, this is only the beginning after taking out the product. Which channels are more suitable for themselves, what operators channels, how the industry chain works, is also a course that can not be completed by the enterprise.

At this time, more communication can enhance and verify your own ideas, collisions of ideas, and more exchanges of ideas.

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