Procter & Gamble plans to use 230 million bottles of recycled plastic per year

Procter & Gamble plans to use 230 million post-consumer recycled (PCR) recycled plastic bottles in its flagship brands such as Bilang, Linglai, Dash, and Unstoppables. This is the company's fourth environmental initiative in just 18 months, which also marks P&G's efforts in environmental protection and sustainable development.
The length of the 230 million PCR-recycled plastic bottles is equivalent to the distance from the South Pole to the North Pole. Procter & Gamble's first product using recycled plastic bottles is expected to begin retailing early next year. Gianni Ciserani, President of Procter & Gamble Global Fabrics and Home Care Group, said: "For environmental sustainability, we believe that action is louder than words. Using recycled plastics in the packaging of our major brands is what we are heading in the right direction. A big step. We want to make it easier for consumers to accept products that are packaged in recycled materials while continuing to provide superior product performance to our customers. In addition, in order to continue to maintain this momentum, we will also be global and global. Recycled materials manufacturers work together to ensure that we have a greater number of environmentally friendly packaging for more brands and geographies." Through this initiative, P&G will use 3,800 tons of recycled materials per year. Procter & Gamble's vision is that 100% of all brands in the future use recycled materials in its packaging, which means that in the plastics industry in the next few years, protecting the environment and protecting natural resources will be the most important link. Protecting the environment is a must for everyone, so the company's practices are recognized by the masses.

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