What is the magnetic anti-theft alarm system?

What is the magnetic anti-theft alarm system?

The door magnetic alarm system is equipped with a door magnetic guard on the door or window. The door magnet is divided into two parts, one part is mounted on the door page and one part is mounted on the door frame. When the door is closed, the two parts are affixed together. Open the door and the two parts will send out an alarm signal.

Common magnetic door

When we open the door ourselves, disarming the host first will not cause an alarm. This is the magnetic door.

For example, the general criminals enter the house from the door in two ways: one is to steal the owner's key and open the door; the other is to use a tool to open the door. Regardless of the method used by criminals to enter, he must push the door open. Once the thief pushes the door open, the door and the door frame will be shifted, the door magnet and the magnet will also be displaced at the same time, and the (radio) signal will be transmitted to the host immediately. The host will ring the alarm and dial 6 preset telephone numbers.

The magnetic door can also be installed on windows, cabinets, windows, booths, etc. It is characterized by small size, easy installation, wireless magnetic door can be matched with the alarm host, remote GSM alarm function, the user through the phone the first time know the police .

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